Original Watercolour Art & Prints

A selection of colourful original art and prints in watercolour, archival ink and oil pastel

During the past year, I have spent many hours in the garden, not only growing vegetables and flowers, but also developing my painting skills. I have become obsessed with watercolour as a medium. Watching the pigments of the paint merge with the water fascinates me. The possibilities of creating colours are endless.

While this might seem an odd leap from my usual jewellery work, the same passion for colour animates me and gets my creativity going. Part of my creative process to design jewellery involves drawing and colouring a variety of pattern and shapes. More often than not, I use watercolour for this step. So I guess this is just a development of my art in a complementary way.

Just like for the jewellery, I draw inspiration for my art from many sources: Nature especially, offers the most amazing variety of shapes and colours. My everyday walks in the park are perfect for replenishing my head with ideas. Architecture also plays an important part in fueling my inspiration. My love of travelling (rather locally in the past year…) is a great source of inspiration too.

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Please be aware that depending on your screen settings there may be some very slight variation in colour. However I carefully check every piece of original art and print before they leave my studio.