The Fashionista Collection

Intricate and eye-catching

The Fashionista Collection is inspired by the Bargello embroidery technique, which originated from Italy. As a country known for its innovative design and couture, it seemed fitting to give this new line of jewellery an Italian sounding name. There are many steps in the process of making this collection. Not only, do I mix every single colour, but the Bargello technique itself is an extremely lengthy one to replicate in clay.  A steady hand is required! The result is well worth the effort. Furthermore, the delicate geometric pattern is eye-catching. Each piece of jewellery in this line are like mini pieces of art to adorn your body. Duck blue, pale blue, light caramel, powder pink and coral work beautifully together. A delicately handcrafted collection, which is sure to win your heart. The Fashionista collection is one to treasure for years to come.

If you are drawn to fabric and fashion, then you will love the new Spring/Summer 2023 Fashionista collection.

The collection features several designs of earrings in various shapes, stud earrings and a pendant on a silver plated chain.

Handmade and crafted in Polymer Clay. Polymer clay has a smooth and polished finish creating an incredibly strong and very light weight item of jewellery. It holds beautiful bold colours and fine details. Fittings and chains are Sterling Silver unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that as these are individually made by hand, there may be some very slight variation in colour and shape. All products are carefully checked for consistency before they leave my studio and beautifully packaged, ready to be given as a present.