The Bubblegum Collection

A fresh & playful collection of delicious colours

The Bubblegum Collection has a limited colour palette of pale pink and red/orange. Circular shapes in various sizes are overlaid on a subtle, more neutral background. The powder pink is a perfect base for the rich, almost red, orange. Thanks to the limited colour palette in contrasting colours, the pattern is strong, without being overwhelming. The fun and random design inspires feelings of happiness and well-being. The bubbles seem to be dancing in the air. The Bubblegum collection is light and airy, as well as feminine.

Perfect for spring and summer this range of jewellery will lift and brighten any outfit. It would certainly not be out of place at the beach, bar or dinner party.

The collection features several designs of earrings in various shapes, stud earrings and an adjustable necklace.