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Choosing a piece of jewellery can be overwhelming, especially when there is a large choice of colourful and varied designs. So, in order to make it a bit easier, you will find here our best-sellers. These are the current pieces that customers seem to be drawn to, time and again. And which I can’t make fast enough!

So if you are having difficulties making up your mind, the selection below may help you. In general, earrings are a popular choice. If you require clip on, please message me as some models can be adapted for clip on earrings. Also, brooches are a good choice when you want to buy a present for someone you might not know very well or if you are unsure of what to buy. They they are a bit more versatile and can be worn on a jumper, a coat, a dress or on the lapel of a jacket. Necklaces tend to be a favourite when someone wants to treat themselves of when purchasing for a special occasion or special someone. For each piece of jewellery, please refer to the corresponding category on the home page.

Handmade and crafted in Polymer Clay. Polymer clay has a smooth and polished finish creating an incredibly strong and very light weight item of jewellery. It holds beautiful bold colours and fine details. Fittings and chains are Sterling Silver unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that as these are individually made by hand, there may be some very slight variation in colour and shape. All products are carefully checked for consistency before they leave my studio and beautifully packaged, ready to be given as a present.