The Pluie Collection

Bold pattern & rich colours

The PLUIE Collection was born out of looking through past sketchbooks for inspiration. It includes one of my favourite techniques – carving.

Patterns are created by hand on a vivid cobalt blue layer, revealing the powder pink background. The addition of deep mandarin orange elements, brings the whole collection to life. Whilst the process is a lengthy one, it is also very therapeutic!

The Collection is bright and uplifting. The carved pattern gives it its name “PLUIE” (“rain” in French).

Due to the technique I use to design and make this range, every item is different from the next. Therefore, every piece is totally unique.

The PLUIE Collection is perfect for the Spring Summer season. It is funky, eye-catching and, as always, crafted with attention to detail.

It features a semi-circlular pendant on a silver-plated chain, 8 designs of earrings in various colours and patterns and 2 designs of stud earrings.