The Bubble Collection

Light and Delicate

The BUBBLE Collection focuses on pattern. Small navy blue bubbles appear to be emerging from the depth of the clay and seem to be floating on a pale green background. To keep this sense of lightness, I have also used the circle shape in the design of some of the elements within the BUBBLE range. The colour palette (intentionally limited to navy blue and pale green) enables the striking pattern to be centre stage.

I make every single circle mark by hand and therefore every piece is totally unique. My intention when designing the BUBBLE jewellery was that the wearer could showcase it as a piece of art.

The collection features 3 different designs of pendants on silver plated chain, various earrings and studs.

Handmade and crafted in Polymer Clay. Polymer clay has a smooth and polished finish creating an incredibly strong and very light weight item of jewellery. It holds beautiful bold colours and fine details. Fittings and chains are Sterling Silver unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that as these are individually made by hand, there may be some very slight variation in colour and shape. All products are carefully checked for consistency before they leave my studio and beautifully packaged, ready to be given as a present.